Welcome to Year 2!

In Year Two we are taught by Mrs Murray and Mrs Purdham. Mrs Foster teaches us on Tuesday afternoons. 

Our current topic is Coronation 1953! We are learning all about life when our Queen came to the throne in 1953.

We had a street party to celebrate!

Our parents families joined in the celebration!

Summer Term 2

In English, we are learning how to:

Re-read books to build up fluency, confidence and enjoyment.

Discuss the sequence of events in books and how these are related.

Use phonic knowledge and skills when reading new vocabulary and spelling.

Become familiar with the structure of non-fiction books and use their features accurately.

Make inferences from the text based on what the characters do and say.

Extend and structure sentence writing using a range of conjunctions.

Consistently use the correct past/present tense when writing.

Recognise and use a range of verbs, nouns, adjectives and adverbs; be able to state which kind of word a given example is.

Recognise and discuss the vocabulary choices made by writers.

Use ICT to collect and present learning.

Understand and use simple grammar to ensure our writing makes sense.

Use an increasing range of punctuation.


In Mathematics, we are learning how to:

Count forwards and backwards in steps of 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 from 0 and any other number.

Recognise, understand and use place value (thousands, hundreds, tens and units) for addition and multiplication.

Read and write numbers to at least 1000 in numerals and words and be able to compare these using the < and > signs.

Solve word problems using all 4 number operations.

Recognise and use the inverse.

Recall addition and subtraction facts to 100.

Find fractions (half; quarter; third; fifth) of shapes and quantities.

Use £ and p notation and be able to combine amounts using these symbols.

Solve money problems involving finding totals and giving change.

Read and show analogue and digital time to five minute intervals.

Round numbers to the nearest 10 or 100.

Recognise and use standard units of measurement and the relationship between these.

Apply knowledge of multiplication tables when multiplying and dividing.


In Religious Education, we are learning how to:


Recognise that rules are there to keep us safe.

Recognise the Commandments as the rules that God gave us to stay safe.

Say and be sorry if we break the rules.

Describe ways in which we can show forgiveness.

Understand the Sacrament of Reconciliation in terms of God’s forgiveness.

Ask and respond to questions about rules and forgiveness.

Recognise the new rule that Jesus gave us.

Recognise what treasures are and why they are important to us.

Be guardians of the treasure that God created (the world).


Our Learning Challenge in Science is:

 How can I test my idea?

Ask and answer simple scientific questions.

Record results and interpret them, with help if needed.

Use equipment appropriately and carefully.

Sort questions into those that can be tested in our classroom and those that cannot.

Recognise how to plan an investigation.

Recognise variables that can be changed.

Recognise what must be observed/measured in an investigation.

Give a prediction and state whether or not it was correct.

Present results appropriately—using a graph if necessary.

Interpret results and say what we have found out.

We had an excellent visit to Beamish! We enjoyed learning about life 100 years ago.


Learning is fun in our class! We like asking questions and finding out.