Welcome to Year 4!

Year Four please remember your swimming kits on a Monday!

 In Year 4 we are taught by

Miss Potts and Mrs O'Neill.


Our learning challenge is...

What would you have done after school 100 years ago?


Our Summer term homework menu

In Year 4, we are developing a new approach to homework!  We will be continuing to issue Maths and English tasks weekly but we will be supplementing these with a new homework menu.  This homework is not compulsory but it gives children the opportunity to work creatively and sometimes collaboratively in order to enhance their learning.  All completed homework tasks will be rewarded with raffle tickets.  At the end of the term, we will draw a winning ticket at random as well as rewarding the person(s) who have earned the most tickets. 

Why is Newcastle such a cool place to live?

 Why were the Romans so powerful and what did we learn from them?