Welcome to Year Six!


In Year Six we are taught by Miss. O'Leary and Mrs. Abbott.

On Friday afternoons, Miss. Donkin teaches us Science.



Our final topic in Year Six is: 'I'm a Year Six pupil, can you get me out of here?'

Year Six worked in pairs to create their own Mayan Temples using a range of materials. One of them was bigger than us! 

We enjoyed creating our own Mayan masks. Take a look at some of our fantastic designs...

Year 6 enjoyed creating their own kites and getting the chance to fly them too!





Our first topic this year was The Vikings. We learnt lots of interesting facts about the Viking age.

Year 6 have been busy constructing their own Viking long boats using a range of different materials.

Take a look at our completed designs!

Year 6 had a surprise visitor on the last day of term...a Viking!