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katie(a couple of months ago)

St micheals is an amazing school with really nice teachers wish i was still there

George A - ex student(a couple of months ago)

Work is hard at at roberts, wish i was back at primary.

Elishia(less than a year ago)

St Michaels is a good school with some really nice teachers, wish I was still at primary

francesca lulham and amelia bell(less than a year ago)

we really miss this school it was amazing and we wish we could come back.

EllieWhite(less than a year ago)

I cannot believe my journey in y6 is nearly over I am going to miss MrsLauder and MrGray soooo much and also my special friend Laila I hope you have a fantastic time in y1 and I am always here.Thanks to all the teachers who have guided me through our y6 and other year thanks for helping me achieve what I wanted to I have a class time at the LakeDistrict for 3 days and thanks to all the people who helped me through Canoeing,Gill Scrabbling,WallCliming and ext. I will miss this school a lot all my love Ellie xox

Olivia Pucci(about a year ago)

I love year 5 and Mrs Murray and Mrs Bennett are the best teachers

Patrick Murphy(about a year ago)

Thank you for all the teachers who taught me and for the y6 good luck in your SATS . And good luck Sebastian I miss you

Patrick Murphy(about a year ago)

St.Michaels,is the best school ever! My seven years there was the best years in my life. I recommend this school for all parents . The teachers are really kind ,helpful and friendly also,the pupils are pleasant and fun to be with .

Amber S Year 7(about a year ago)

Everyone have a great time Isla is doing soooooooooo well miss you soooooooo much have a great 7years.

Amber(about a year ago)

I miss you all soooooooooooooooooooo much love you Isla

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