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Olivia Pucci(about a month ago)

Loving year 5 Mrs Murray is a great teacher

Lucy Scothern Year 8(about a month ago)

I can't believe I've already started year 8!! Last year flew over so quickly it was amazing! All my love to Macey McGwinn in year two because I miss her so much! Good luck to the year sixes this year at your SATS love from Lucy xoxoxo

Abigail Walker(about a month ago)

I hope everyone has had a great first few weeks of the new academic year. I really miss all of the wonderful teachers that have taught me over the years, my special friend Jemima Clarke and seeing everyone student. I hope you have a great year and have fun. Achieve the best things and help out as much as you can. Y6 do absolutely not worry about SATs they are nothing to be worried about. Good luck! xx

Abigail Walker(a couple of months ago)

I have had the most amazing 7 years of my life. I'd like to thank all of the teachers for teaching me great subjects and helping me achieve the best of my ability. I hope Jemima has a great 7 years and achieves so much. I really miss her because we had bonded so well! Good luck staff and pupils for the rest of your future. Best wishes Abigail Walker 2010-2017

LeahGranton(a couple of months ago)

I've had the best seven years of my life! So much as changed over these years, and it's all thanks to the amazing teachers I've had to teach me everything I know and encourage me to try new things. Good look to my special friend Connie Martin and her brother and sister! Best of luck for the year fives who are now moving into year six and have the great pleasure of looking after a reception child. They are like your own brother or sisters. I will be retuning to this school! Good look to the new teachers who are now teaching year six and reception. Good look to Mrs Abbott and Miss O'leary who have boosted my confidence through out year six, And I wish Mrs Wilson the best of luck as a great head teacher! And all the other staff I hope you have a great time! I will really miss this school! And never forget it! I've found out you can achieve more than you think! Since reception and now moving into year seven, I have achieved thing's I never even thought of! Made a lot of friends who I didn't speak to in reception from my class and even thought we have had a lot of fallout they are still part of my school family! Please take my advice year sixes. Don't worry about the hard things in life you will get through them if you try! And all the other years from reception to year five and even year six Have Fun! When you start secondary it's not that scary, apart from if you get lost (I've done that a few times and it was just on transition) Even if you started in year 1,2,3,4,5,6 or in reception it makes you no different to anyone else! You will have the best 7,6,5,4,3,2,1 years of your life because St Michaels is a great school! And most of all you're special and different in your own way. Because if everyone was the same the world would be boring! Have fun! Xx

Keegan Y6(a couple of months ago)

Hi Harry missing you so much hope you are enjoying your new school hope we could meet again soon.

Olivia Y4 & Louisa Y5(less than a year ago)

Can't wait for healthy week.

Anne-Marie Lavelle(less than a year ago)

Just an idea for an enrichment activity - would the children be interested in the introduction of genealogy? Researching their own family history to the extent of 3-4 generations. This could include short history topics on different decades and exploring different occupations.

Eloise Y5(less than a year ago)

Last Wednesday Y5 went to York Dungeons and it was amazing. Hope everybody had a great day just like me. Also I am so excited for the space themed dinner and movie night tomorrow. xx

Amy Y5(less than a year ago)

I am very excited for our week off. I am also looking forward to the space themed meal and movie night tomorrow.

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