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Eloise Y5(a couple of months ago)

Last Wednesday Y5 went to York Dungeons and it was amazing. Hope everybody had a great day just like me. Also I am so excited for the space themed dinner and movie night tomorrow. xx

Amy Y5(a couple of months ago)

I am very excited for our week off. I am also looking forward to the space themed meal and movie night tomorrow.

Ben y5(a couple of months ago)

Thanks Harry enjoy your residential.

Harry(a couple of months ago)

Hi Ben, got your message thanks, hope we can have another meet up soon. Hello all y5, hope you are all good. I love my new school and am looking forward to my residential soon.

Oliver Y5(a couple of months ago)

Can't wait for Easter Holidays.

Ben Y5(a couple of months ago)

I enjoy lessons in class and all the activities. But I think that the environment that I work in can be disruptive. I have talked in class ( We all do ) but for past 2 weeks I have done my best to be a silent pupil and get on with my work but I can't because of others. I try and concentrate on my Education and just me. I would also like to say well done to the hockey team. We got through to Leeds. The last round of the competition and finished 3rd.

Abigail Y6(less than a year ago)

PE is really fun learning a type of dance from our topic ( The Mayans).

Ben Y5(less than a year ago)

Hey harry, could you please get in touch with me or my mam if you see this. From s upset child, Ben P.s hey Im nor upset

Ben Y5(less than a year ago)

I want to come back to school so much. At home there's nothing to do but anyway I'm looking foward to going down to York on the train fo the hockey tordement.

Ex student Harry Y5(less than a year ago)

Hello everyone, how are you doing? Making new friends every step of the way ( none of them can ever replace my old special class love you all. All the best from Harry

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