Staff List

Staff List


Mr N Reeson (Headteacher) 

Miss E Foster (Assistant Headteacher) 

Mrs K Bajrami (Assistant Headteacher) 


Mrs K Bajrami (Reception) 

Mrs Weatherall (Year 1) 

Miss E Foster (Year 2) 

Mrs K Mastaglio (Year 3) 

Miss A Clements (Year 4) 

Miss H Potts (Year 5) 

Mr C Luke (Year 6) 

Mrs R Lauder (providing support across school) 

Miss L Fox (providing support across school) 

Classroom Support 

Mrs K Atkinson (Teaching Assistant) 

Mrs S Wilkinson (Teaching Assistant) 

Mrs L McBryde (Teaching Assistant) 

Mrs A Soulsby (Teaching Assistant) 

Mrs M Bennett (Teaching Assistant) 

Mrs J Johnson (Teaching Assistant) 

Miss S Mitchell (Teaching Assistant)

Support Staff 

Mrs H Wallace (School Business Manager) 

Mrs H Stevenson (School Administrator) 

Mrs S Hardy (Caretaker) 

Mrs C Thornton (Cook in Charge) 

Mrs P Hogg (General Kitchen Assistant) 

Mrs A Mantini (Lunchtime Supervisor / Cleaner / Childcare Assistant) 

Mrs L Thompson (Childcare Assistant) 

Mrs C Smail (Childcare Assistant) 

Ms S Robinson (Lunchtime Supervisor) 

Mrs E Wilson (Lunchtime Supervisor) 

Miss C Thompson (Lunchtime Supervisor) 

Sports day 2023

Thank you to everyone who came and made our sports day a fun and enjoyable afternoon. Well done to all involved, especially the green team who were the overall winners.

Healthy Heart Workshop

Our children listened very carefully in their healthy heart workshop. Now they know the basics of how to do CPR and use a defibrillator. These are great skills to have.

Shipley Art Gallery

Year 5 enjoyed a trip to Shipley Art Gallery. They looked at a variety of clay items, made their own clay item and looked around the art gallery. 


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